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Download Youtube Go for PC, Windows 7/8/10 for Free


Download YoutubeGo For Pc. Youtube go is popularly known as the stripped version of the youtube App. Unlike youtube, which is meant for broadcasting, Youtube go lets people download and share videos among friends. It has a lot of advantages over Youtube. It was launched with keeping in mind, markets like India where Internet speeds are not that great! This Go version of Youtube will also become an integral part of Android Go program.

Youtube go pc

In 2016, Google announced a new app under Youtube brand, the Youtube Go! With this, Youtube finally announced the feature which we all wanted, i.e., lighter video surfing with Offline viewing and sharing! The Youtube go, will correspond to the new Google’s project, which is an Android Go program. Youtube Go latest version was designed to launch in countries like India, where internet is slower than other developing countries, but net usage still soars as the population is high! Youtube Go app 2019 will use lesser Data usage while showing the best video contents.

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As Youtube is the largest video content website, Youtube goes being a lighter app, opens a lot more possibilities and opens competition to all prime competitors, be it Amazon prime, Netflix, Kodi, etc.

In simple words, YoutubeGo can be defined as an offline version of Youtube App that consumes fewer data and save your favorite videos. YouTube Go has been designed particularly to work for streamers with poor internet connections, and it allows the users to download videos. To be precise, it lets you save videos for offline consumption and control their data use. We’ll go through every feature of Youtube Go App. Apart from that, we’ll also see how Youtube Go differs from the Youtube and how to install after you download Youtube Go App. Also read about Turbo Vpn For Pc


What’s new on Youtube Go ?

YouTube Go has revamped the YouTube experience by minimizing the data used and providing the best features which everyone has always wanted, i.e., Video downloading! YouTube Go was exclusive for India, where internet speeds are not world class, but now in the upcoming years, we will find YouTube Go launching in different countries which are very much like India regarding Browsing speeds or are even worse than India. light weight Android Emulators

Youtube Go lets you download video from Youtube, the most popular site for videos yet is free but does not legally allows you to download videos. Hence Youtube Go is there to provide us with this service. But, why use, Youtube Go when there are a lot more ways to download the same? Well, Youtube Go For pc allows you to download your favourite videos in fewer data with multiple quality options. Video sharing, less data consumption, and use in offline mode are some of its prime features. We all have encountered buffering on Youtube due to a poor connection, Youtube Go bags good popularity due to its better performance, even during bad connection

But why YouTube Go is attracting such craze? For finding answers to this question, following are some of the best features of YouTube Go which aren’t found in regular YouTube application. Read it, and you will find all your answers.

  • A lite YouTube substitute – YouTube Go.

The new YouTube Go app for Android is of the only 9MB but doesn’t fail to offer pretty decent features. In comparison to regular YouTube app which is at least of 27MB, YouTube Go APK is much lighter.

The lite YouTube Go app means that it can be easily run on those devices which lack inbuilt memory, i.e., RAM & ROM. This is generally the case of low-end Android, Windows smartphones and PCs or some old devices which lack upgrading of OS and are stuck with Android KitKat. These devices can easily run YouTube Go APK without worrying about phone hanging.

  • Download Videos directly to your device

Though the original YouTube app has an inbuilt offline video saving feature, it is not that great. At times, it worsens the performance of YouTube app and makes it bulky. The videos can only be seen on the smartphone through the YouTube app. Hence, it is often seen that people use Vidmate like applications to download YouTube videos.

YouTube Go apk for Android provides support for downloading videos straight to your phone storage, or PC storage, or in a memory card! This was necessary, as now users can play these videos without buffering, a problem which arises due to slow internet speeds. These downloaded videos do not require YouTube Go app to play. Also, you don’t need to re-download them after some times, which happens in the offline feature of regular YouTube application.

youtube go pc


  • Preview and download videos on YouTube Go

Finally, YouTube Go has introduced a preview feature, which was always wanted. YouTube Go lets you preview videos before you watch them or download them. There are many videos on YouTube, which are fake, and contain pictures instead. They consume your data, and when you play them, you know your data is lost. The preview feature is best used before downloading a video, and this protects your data which might be lost in downloading a wrong video.

  • Your Data, Your control

YouTube Go app is all about Data saving. The YouTube Go uses much lesser data as compared to the full regular version of YouTube. You can even stream videos at low browsing speeds! YouTube Go also lets you download videos, or save for offline viewing in the desired video quality or resolution, and thus save your data big time. So, you can download a tutorial video at 640p, and an audio track at 240p easily.

YouTube Go will also let users choose the amount of data which will be spent on each video.

youtube go pc

  • YouTube Go video share

YouTube Go is a Pandora’s Box when it comes to new features. One such feature on this app is the ability to share videos through Wi-Fi direct. You won’t need a 3rd party app like SHAREit or Xender to share videos downloaded from YouTube Go. Just keep Bluetooth on your smartphone ON for finding your friends and then YouTube Go will use Wi-Fi directly to transfer videos. The videos will be shared directly from YouTube Go application. All you need is a friend with YouTube Go app.

  • A revamped Home Page

YouTube Go has a brand new Home Page which is much different from the home page found on regular YouTube app. It shows both recommendation and trending videos, by your living area. It is conjunction on of both Homepage and trending page of regular YouTube app. It will show videos from channels subscribed, suggest videos on the basis of your watching habit, and also suggest videos by your likes and dislikes. The new home feed is also data friendly!

  • Lesser data loss on Ads

As YouTube Go is all for controlling data and providing video surfing even when internet speeds are way lower. YouTube Go also has lesser ads and the ads which were earlier played in HD, are now trimmed to your video quality. Lesser videos also enhance video quality, and you will now not wait for buffering of ads.

  • YouTube Go is FREE

In case you are wondering the subscription price of this YouTube Pandora’s Box, you must know that it is FREE. With all these great features, YouTube decided to go with the free rollout of this app. Just download Youtube Go app, install it and use it comfortably.

How To Install Youtube go For Pc

YouTube Go app is currently available in only a few countries like India, and it will reach to all Global users by 2019. So, if you are interested in using YouTube Go app and your country is not on the list of places where it has been released, you can follow these steps to use it.

youtube go pc


  1. Download the YouTube Go app first from the given link.
  2. Install it like the regular Android app.
  3. Enter your country name or your phone number and then enter your email.
  4. Verify your phone number or email, and then you are logged in.
  5. Congratulations, you can now use YouTube Go easily.
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Youtube Go For Pc Features

  • Less Data Consumption

The idea of Youtube Go for pc for free is to compress as much additional UIs to consume fewer data. In the case of Youtube, there are many tabs and options along with different categories like subscribed, trending, music, etc. Whereas Youtube Go has got only two tabs namely, Home and Downloads posses the content as their name suggests.

Although few features like minimizing the App on playing have been trimmed, if you are looking forward to a fewer data consuming streaming, this one is best suitable. Moreover, it is an offline App, and hence it is a boon for all those having a poor internet connection.

Also before playing, it displays the size of the file so that you know how much data is being consumed.

The videos are optimized and compressed which takes less data than the official Youtube App. A four-minute video consumes up 2MB at the basic quality setting. A 21-minute clip used up just 12.1MB.  Whereas at standard quality, a 1-minute clip took up 4.8MB. The same video is 558Kb on basic quality.

You may suspect that since the video has been compressed, the quality might have been ruined. Well, it is noticeable but shouldn’t be bothering much because the difference in the file sizes is quite impressive.

  • Video Sharing

As aforementioned, YoutubeGo lets you share videos among friends through Bluetooth. All you have to do is that go to the download tab, and you’ll find two options send or receive. The video is transferred through a Bluetooth connection. Or you can also select one, and your friend selects another, and then there establishes a connection between you two over a personal Wi-Fi and the video is sent without consuming any data. Since the sharing is done through a local connection, it fast and reliable.

The file that is being sent has to be first verified on the Web before it can be watched on the phone that will receive it – after the affirmation, downloaded files can be enjoyed anytime you wish, as long as you connect to the Internet at least once a month.

  • Easy to Use

With fewer functions, comes fewer complications to use. In Youtube Go, you have to scroll through the videos under the Home tab and if found something of your kind, just click it. You’ll be prompted two select between the two, download or watch. Once you click on any, you’ll be then asked to select the quality type along with its size.

If you have selected the download option, then it will show you the currently available storage of your device and will perform the requested task accordingly.

YoutubeGo provides a similar interface like that of Youtube, which is easy to use.

  • Better Performance

Youtube Go has tried its best to cut almost all the extra features yet not having all basic functionality. And since it has lessened itself regarding the quantity of the functions, it has not let down its users when it comes to the quality of services. That is, the speed is enhanced, connection issue is not a deal here, and streaming goes smoothly in case of Youtube Go.

Youtube Go app download

Though Youtube Go app started as an Android smartphone-only app, it can now be easily downloaded on other popular platforms. In this article on Youtube Go, we will discuss methods to install Youtube Go app on various platforms, along with its best features!

youtube go pc

In the following list, are the most popular devices, for which Youtube Go can be downloaded:

  • Android smartphone OS
  • iOS smartphone
  • Mac PC OS
  • Windows PC OS

Download Youtube Go for Android Devices

Youtube Go was primarily made for Android devices, and you can easily download it from play store. But, the Youtube Go has only been launched on the Play store for India! Google plans to launch Youtube Go for countries having restricted entry to mobile data.

In case, you are in those other 130 nations of the world; you may download Youtube Go for Android here. After downloading the apk, follow the following steps to install the same.

Step 1:  Allow install of Apps from unknown sources

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Click on Security
  3. Find “Unknown Sources,” and tick the checkbox.
  4. Now, you can install any apk file, which you haven’t downloaded from Google Play Store.

Step 2:  Download Youtube Go

To download Youtube Go for Android, follow this article, and click on link thread. The link will be updated regularly, as Google releases Youtube Go updates. After downloading apk file of Youtube Go, check Step 3.

Step 3:  Install Youtube Go apk.

In the file manager, find the apk, which is generally in “Download” folder.

Click on the Youtube Go apk file.

Click on “Install,” to install this app.

In a matter of few seconds, YouTube Go will be installed in your device. Now, you can use it as per your need.

Download YouTube Go for Windows PC

Windows is arguably the most common OS which working class people use, on their desktops and laptops. But, as we all know, there isn’t a YouTube official app for windows yet. And so is the case of YouTube Go for windows, which also lacks Windows application.

In case you still want to use YouTube Go for PC, you will need an Android emulator. It can help you run Android apps on Windows PC. Some common Android emulators are Remix OS player, BlueStacks, MEmu, Nox player, etc.

Following are the required steps to Download YouTube Go for Windows PC.

  • Download an Android emulator for your Windows PC.
  • Install the YouTube Go APK for Android, from this link thread.
  • Use your mobile number and email account to authenticate YouTube Go app.
  • Now, you can download videos and also share those from the YouTube Go app itself!                                                

Download YouTube Go for MAC 

Similar to Windows PCs, YouTube Go for MAC can’t be downloaded directly to MAC PC, as there is no official MAC version of YouTube Go for PC download. But you can create Android atmosphere in MAC OS, and then you can easily run YouTube Go for Android.

For this, you can download and install an Android emulator such as Nox platform, Genymotion, AndY, Ipadian, etc. Some of these are free, and some come with a premium subscription. After downloading and installing the Android emulator, follow these steps to install YouTube Go for PC:

  1. Download YouTube Go APK file from the linked thread in this article.
  2. Click on the file, and then click on “Install.”
  3. YouTube Go will be installed in your MAC OS device, and you can easily run it to download YouTube videos and share them too.

Download YouTube Go for Ios

iOS is one of the most competitive and secured OS of all time, and this is also a flaw of the iOS platform. Currently, YouTube Go is an Android exclusive app, and is not offered on any other Operating systems available out there! And similar is the case of iOS devices. You can’t simply find an iOS application of YouTube Go. For this, you might need an Android emulator for your device. Again, for security purposes, there is no such Android emulator for your iPhones or iPads, and you might have to perform Jailbreak to install any such Android emulator like android! After Jailbreak, follow these steps to use YouTube Go for iOS devices.

  1. Download any Android emulator and then install it. You will get iAndroid, BlueStacks, etc.
  2. Once you get a clean Android environment on your iOS device, download YouTube Go APK file.
  3. Click on this Youtube Go APK file and then click on “Install.”
  4. Run the downloaded YouTube Go app, and you are good to download and share videos from YouTube Go.

It must be noted that performing Jailbreak is not a good option. It can revoke your Apple warranty and banish you from Applecare.

Difference between Youtube and Youtube Go

Youtube vs Youtube go

  1. Youtube Go has got five tabs. Namely, Home, Trending, Subscriptions, Inbox and Library whereas Youtube has only 2.
  2. Offline feature is though now available in both, it was introduced in Youtube Go App originally. But the Youtube App will not mention the storage left on your phone, but Youtube Go has that feature.
  3. Previews are available on Youtube Go and not on Youtube. That is, you can watch a short part of the video to get an idea of its content. It lets you stay away from the uploaders whose content and title are entirely different. However, Youtube has launched this preview feature on the website, but it is yet to come in the App.
  4. Sharing facility is only available on Youtube Go. But you can share the link of the videos through and messaging or social media App. But Youtube Go provides the transferring of the video through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi direct. And so zero data is required while doing so.
  5. YouTubeGo lacks some significant features like connecting to the TV,  autoplay, incognito mode, and subtitles. But it’s meant for people who face a lot of poor connectivity issues, so it’s bound to have limited features. In the end, it is the same YouTube which we love but with a different perspective and usage.
  6. If data usage is your first concern, then Youtube Go must be your first choice. But if you prefer facilities for data consumption, then Youtube is best suitable for you.


How to install Youtube Go for pc ?

You can download the YoutubeGo app here. Once you are done with procedures to download Youtube Go App, you can follow these steps to install it.

  1. Activate the installed applications from unknown sources (You may find this in Settings>Security>Unknown Sources)
  2. Look for an APK in Play Store files in the Downloads app
  3. Open that file and install the new version of YouTube Go!

Cons of YouTube Go

Youtube go cons

Nothing is perfect in this world, and nor is YouTube Go. It has its share of cons, which are listed below.

  1. Youtube Go lacks a comment section, and this is a real con. So, you can’t tell if the information shown in the video is real or fake. Generally, comments on the videos often let you know whether to trust the video or not.
  2. The app is only best for entertainment purpose and not for work-related or reviews videos.
  3. You can’t stream video content in HD or 4K, which regular YouTube app can stream easily.

Conclusion: Is YouTube Go for you?

YouTube Go is a great app in its terms, but is it for you? If you are someone with regular internet connectivity, you might not want to shift from regular YouTube to YouTube Go. Also, if you want to download a video in 1080p, you might not want to choose YouTube Go, as it doesn’t support HD content.

If you are someone, who has low-speed internet, or a low memory smartphone, YouTube Go is your natural choice. Download YouTube Go APK file from here and start using it.



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