How to Do Your Drone Videography Like a Pro

How to Do Your Drone Videography Like a Pro

One of the most amazing innovations in the digital space is the application of drone technology in videography. Drone technology is an offshoot of the numerous breakthroughs in robotics technology. It enables aerial videography, which is 3D-oriented to be captured through these radio-controlled robots.

They are fitted with cameras that take high-resolution aerial photographs and videos. Drone videography is applicable in various industries such as real estate, military and defense, and general marketing or advertising.

Drone imaging can also be used to cover different kinds of events ranging from weddings, graduation parties, religious ceremonies. Precisely, drone imaging does the job of videoing any activity that was previously covered with regular video cameras.

Drone videography ranks among the jobs of the future that is currently gaining massive popularity. As a drone videographer in Austin, you can charge about $300 for a video of three minutes.

If this field interests you or if you’re already into it, perfect! This post will give you helpful tips that will enhance your skills set at it.



1. Study your buyer’s guide and user’s manual

You must resist the temptation of just going with the crowd. Don’t start to operate immediately after setting up your device. First get the right device and understand its functionality. A typical DJI – Mavic 2 Pro Quadcopter with Remote Controller – Front_Zoom in Austin can cost you about $1,500. After procuring the device, master its function.

There are some salient features in your device you may be unfamiliar with, thus, it is important to study your buyer’s guide or user manual. Knowing them will help enhance your skills.

2. Learn how to create a cinematic experience

Having the ability to create a cinematic experience sets you apart from other videographers. If you are operating drone wedding video production services austin tx, for instance, you can easily take advantage of the great Austin scenery.

3. Explore HDR and Bracketing features

Most drones come with the High Dynamic Range (HDR) feature. This feature is handy for making great aerial videos. It enables you to capture images and process them as different from the original.

It also gives you the ability to emphasize some areas of your images more than others. If you are considering going into drone wedding video production services austin tx, you need to exploit this feature. Otherwise, you may not enjoy good patronage.

You can also combine this with bracketing skills, which enable you to take multiple videos in different exposures and later combine them in a single video. This is a way of creating amazing dramatic effects in your videos.

4. Use the NDR and CPL filters

The NDR or neutral density and the CPL or polarizing filters are among great features of drone videography. In Austin, you would need a slower shutter speed, approximately 1/15 of a second. This necessitates having such NDR drones for your videography.

Knowing how to use them will help you stand out from other videographers. NDR filters help you to adjust light intensity and create great videos. CPL filters are particularly befitting for parading the real colors of the sky or waters bodies. Imagine taking a drone videography of the beautiful Emma Long Metropolitan Park in Austin with its dazzling pools, such CPL filters will be valuable.


5. Join a community of drone videographers

This is one strategy that will benefit you technically and socially. With the community, you will have the opportunity of learning more techniques and trends, knowing of latest products and of course, upcoming events near you.

The bottom line is that you must understand that the drone videography industry is highly dynamic, so you must keep yourself up-to-date.


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